The "Brescia - Naples" is a four days journey that runs along a path of about 1000 km from north to south, between plains, mountains and coastal areas. Starting from Brescia and arriving in Naples, passing by some of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The first edition of Brescia - Naples took place in September 2016 and was promoted by a group of friends from Brescia that share the passion for motorcycling. In this first trip there were five vintage motorcycles, the oldest was a Royal Enfield of 1940.

The journey is an adventure without assistance or support, just an old Fiat 1100 of 1956 carried luggage and very little equipment for the necessary maintenance of the vehicles along the way.

The second edition of Brescia - Napoli took place in September 2017 and turned pink: to the group of five promoters are added two new friends and six women, of which four riding the motorcycles and two driving the Fiat 1100 of 1956 (this year used only for luggage transport).
It is precisely the women who make this journey more kind and graceful.
Among the vintage motorcycles traveling, the oldest is a Bianchi Freccia d'oro of 1934, which arrived in Naples with the necessary maintenance during the trip and crossed the finish line with all the other motorcycles on the Neapolitan promenade, in the beautiful neighborhood of Mergellina.

The trip Brescia - Naples is an adventure in which the group spirit and the mutual competences of the participants are enhanced, contributing to the maintenance of the vehicles along the way. Traveling together encourages the relationship between the centaurs; the difficulties of the route are mitigated by wonderful landscapes, by the sea and the mountains, by the colors.
Every village, town, city becomes the opportunity to meet, chat with the locals and talk about the wonder of this slow and amazing journey on vintage motorcycles, through the history of Italy.

The third edition of the Brescia-Napoli took place in September 2018. Four stages, four days along our beautiful Italy, from North to South.
This year the race became a team competition: it is no longer an individual race, but an experience where the team wins, and the individual cannot arrive at the end of each stage if the group does not support and helps. There were five teams, each of which must try to enrich points by travelling together, owning the oldest bike in the race or shooting the best photographs.

The Brescia-Naples proves again to be an appointment out of time, where vintage motorcycles travel along the roads of Italy, exciting young and old, men and women. A challenge with oneself, in which each participant is not discouraged by any inconveniences and does not give up. This race can change every idea that you have made of vintage motorcycles and what it means to travel with these timeless vehicles.