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This event is reserved for FMI (the Italian Motorcycle Federation) members and is not competitive, even if a final classification will be presented. It is a purely historic-cultural event that provides participants an opportunity to know the towns, history, culture, traditions, flavours, art and beauty of all of Italy. The route from Brescia to Naples is divided into four legs, for a total of approx. 1000 km.
The event will be held on roads open to traffic and therefore all participants are required to strictly comply with the current rules of the Highway Code. The Organization declines all responsibility as it will provide each participant with a time card that indicates the route, the starting and finishing points for each leg.


During this trip the important things are:
• passion for vintage motorcycles;
• team spirit, the joy of travelling with others;
• the art of working it out in preparing, maintaining, and repairing the motorcycles of the entire team;
• the ability and willingness to organize breakfasts, lunches and accommodations during the trip;
• the passion for travelling and discovering new places; a love for Italy, its cities, culture, art and flavours;
• the desire to bring young and old, both men and women, closer to vintage motorcycles;
• the enjoyment of travelling safely, carefully, in full compliance with the rules laid down by the Highway Code.
It is a team event, not a race; perhaps it would be best to define it a group tour with a final classification. No motorcycle or person wins, the team that have best embodied the spirit of the journey and the meaning of the tour wins.


Each team consists of four vintage motorcycles, including one with an engine size not exceeding 175 cm3 and possibly a vintage car for support. All motorcycles and automobiles must have been produced prior to the year 1978 inclusive.


Each team must travel together, along the event route. Each motorcyclist can be connected, at the discretion of the Organization, with a GPS Tracker with position detection unit along the route.

Each team must get organized on their own along the route. Therefore, they must plan their intermediate legs, stops for breakfast, lunch and accommodation, while respecting each planned leg and time detection period for starting, departure and passage controls.

All costs of food, lodging, fuel and any other expenses are the sole responsibility of each participant. The Organization will provide a list of partner hotels available for each leg. The participant may utilize these facilities or organize himself/herself differently.

Each team can be guaranteed “technical support” (toolbox, luggage transportation, etc.) on the road only with a vintage automobile built prior to 1978 that can follow the team along the same route or remain along roads adjacent to the route as the team prefers. This choice must be communicated on registration.

In the event of breakdowns along the route, the event participants must organize repair of the vehicle on their own. At its discretion, the Organization can provide one or more vehicles equipped to provide technical support and/or equipment transportation.

In the event of a motorcycle breakdown that cannot be repaired, the motorcyclist can climb on the motorcycle of another team member or ride in the support car. It is prohibited to transport motorcycles on cars, trailers, vans and/or other types of vehicles during the event, unless the vehicle is broken down. In the event of a breakdown which cannot be repaired, the motorcycle rider must inform the organization immediately, providing proof of the incident and indicating that the vehicle is no longer part of the event, under penalty of exclusion from the event of the entire team.

Please note that no special or particular technical assistance will be provided, out of respect for the spirit that has led to the creation of the tour/event. Regardless, if a motorcycle and/or an automobile should break down in an irreparable manner, upon request by the participant it can be transported by the organization to the location indicated as the end of the leg. From that point on, each individual can decide how best to organize the return trip of the vehicle or use the partner transporter who will come to collect it and will return it to Brescia according to the costs and methods indicated in the following article, “3. VEHICLE TRANSPORTATION”.


Motorcycle transportation is available for the following cases:
• recovery of broken-down vehicles and delivery at the end of the leg (included in the registration fee);
• delivery for return of the motorcycle to Brescia (at 39Vantini Oldstyle showroom) from Naples or any other end of leg (at the expense of the participant € 150.00);
• return of the motorcycle to the address indicated (only in Italy), cost to be defined upon quotation; Each motorcycle driver must communicate if they intend to use the motorcycle delivery at the showroom, at their address or contact themselves the carrier.


Participants admitted to the event must
a. have a valid driving license
b. have a motor vehicle that complies with the Highway Code
c. drive the motor vehicle indicated upon registration with the characteristics required by the regulations of the event.


At 3 pm on Wednesday, 25th September 2019 all participants must present themselves at the meeting planned in the parking lot on Via Rodolfo Vantini, next to the 39Vantini Oldstyle showroom, Via Vantini n.39 – Brescia (25126).

At 3:30 pm, the event documents and gadgets will be distributed and the passage controls (CT), time controls (CO), and finishing destinations for each leg will be communicated.

At 5 pm, the teams will parade, motors off, in front of the event jury, a mixed body that will assign the starting points at their indisputable judgement.

At 6:30 pm, all motorcycles will parade on the “city circuit” around the roads of Brescia.

At 7:30 pm, all motorcycles must have returned to the Via Rodolfo Vantini parking, next to the 39Vantini Oldstyle showroom, Via Rodolfo Vantini n.39 – Brescia (25126).

The motorcycles and any automobiles participating in the event can remain parked in the parking lot in Via Rodolfo Vantini 39, Brescia. The parking lot will be under surveillance for the entire night.

The participants who cannot be present at the meeting and parade on Wednesday, 25th September 2019 will not be assigned the initial points, and the participants must provide the organization with the required documents.


The meeting, controls, assignment of the initial points, and the city parade will take place on Wedsnesday, 25th September 2019 at 3 pm in Brescia in the parking lot in Via Rodolfo Vantini, next to the 39Vantini Oldstyle showroom.

Legs The start has been set for Thursday, 26th September 2019 at 8 am in Brescia from the Via Rodolfo Vantini parking lot, next to the 39Vantini Oldstyle showroom.

The finish is set for Sunday, 29thSeptember 2019 between about 5 pm and 7 pm in Naples.

The legs, passage control (CT) and end-of-leg time control (CO) points will be communicated at the vehicle meeting on Wednesday, 25th September 2019. Each team will be given a time card with information regarding the passage control points, time control points, and arrival place for each leg. The Organization may also publish these details a few days prior to the event on its website and on social media.

Passage controls and time controls Each team must respect the starting and arrival time range for each leg, where a time control point will be set up along with the relevant authentication. 

Each team must respect the passage control points, where a control and vehicle passage authentication will be set up with stamps to prove the passage.

At the Organization’s discretion, the departure times and locations may be monitored with GPS equipment.

The legs on 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th September will end indicatively around 6 pm to 7 pm, each day, and it will be responsibility of the Organization to record the final times on the time cards; all of the teams must start and arrive at the end of the leg within the time range indicated.

Motorcycles cannot start any of the legs outside the area of the Municipality indicated; the start cannot be earlier than 8 am. In the event of any deviations, the penalties referred to in the following article “9. SCORES FOR THE LEGS” will be applied.

Route - chosen by the team Along the route, each team can choose the road that they feel best suited to reach the passage control point and the time control point at the end of the leg. Each team can choose the route that best suits its vehicles, the panoramic route or the short route; each team can independently choose the route with the only constraint that all of the motorcycles on the same team must travel together on the same road. In any case, it is prohibited to use ring roads or highways at the risk of being disqualified from the event.


Each team participating in the event can post on the dedicated Facebook page up to 3 photographs per day regarding the event, the trip, the places they see, characteristic events, or fun and pleasant situations that occur. The 3 photographs available to each participating team must be posted before and not after 9 pm on each event day, with the exception of the last day when the deadline for posting photographs is set for 5 pm. Photographs will be evaluated off the internet and the points assigned will be in favour of the team.


The Technical Commission consists of members of the Organization and has the objective of checking, assessing, and attributing the initial points based on the composition of the teams and the vehicles. The Commission will be responsible for assigning points during the parade; the assessment of the vehicles and teams will be performed on a scale from 0 to 10 points.


Each participant will be given a control card for each leg, with the times for departure, time and passage controls (C.O./C.T.) and arrival to be respected. Please note that the departure is also considered a time control point (C.O.) and therefore subject to possible penalties. The time cards must be returned to the organization personnel immediately upon arrival at the check point of the leg or whenever requested by the organization’s personnel. If, for any reason, the participant is unable to provide their card when requested, he/she must consign the time card directly to the Organization.

The main points are gained upon arrival of the team, therefore:
• Each team that arrives together, at the end of each leg, within the scheduled time range, is assigned +1000 team points. Together is understood to be in a group, the entire team, with the basic safety distance between vehicles.

Additional Points
• For each motorcycle that reaches the end of the event + 200 points to the team
• every day of the event, three (3) selected photographs will be awarded points:
+ 300 points for first place,
+ 200 points for second place,
+100 points for third place. Prizes assigned by the Jury
During the parade on the first day:
• +1500 points to the first team awarded
• + 1000 points to the second team awarded
• + 500 points to the third team awarded
• + 300 points to the team for each woman motorcyclist
• + 300 points to the team for each participant over 70 years old (as of the starting date of the event)
• + 300 points to the team each participant under 20 years old (as of the starting date of the event)
• + 200 points to the team for the oldest motorcycle in the event
• + 200 points to the team for the smallest engine size in the event
• + 500 points to teams with a total motorcycle age greater than 250 years
• + 200 points to teams with a total motorcycle age greater than 150 years


Participating teams can incur the following penalties:
• not respecting the Highway Code: disqualification
• non-observance of the Regulations: disqualification
• non-passage of the team within the scheduled time: minus 1000 points
• non-passage of one (1) motorcycle within the scheduled time: minus 250 points
• for each motorcycle rider transported by another motorcycle: minus 125 points

If the entire team does not arrive within the maximum time of the scheduled time limit, the team must advise the organization and specify if there has been a delay, if they intend to be present at the start the next morning, or if they will start from another location.

Points awarded if there is a tie at the end of the event
• +300 points to the team with the most female team members.
• +300 points to the team with the greatest number of team members over 70 years old.
• +300 points to the team with the greatest number of team members under 20 years old.


As each team is independent, it must organize on its own its route, the legs, the stops, the meals and the lodging along the route, under no obligation to the event Organization. The participants are required only to respect the passage control points defined and the starting and ending times of each leg. All costs for meals, lodging, fuel, transfers, etc. are the responsibility of the participants. Dinners and aperitifs will be held at the locations indicated by the Organization and are included in the registration fee.


All participants will be given gadgets.

The three (3) top classified teams will receive awards.

The organization reserves the right to issue special awards.


Registration is limited to at most forty (40) participants, divided in teams consisting of four (4) person plus eventually one (1) vintage car driver per team providing technical-logistic support.

Registrations will be confirmed upon the payment no later than Sunday, 8th September 2019 of EUR 250.00 for each member. All the participants must have an FMI membership, which provides the participants numerous benefits.
Those who are not yet FMI members must submit their request to be a member by the 8th of September 2019.


Registration of already established teams.
• Sending of the registrations for all teams who intend to participate no later than Sunday, 8th September 2019.
Registration for the event must be performed only by filling in the dedicated form on the website, and performing the bank transfer for the registration fee (EUR 250.00 per participant) to the bank account indicated on the registration form and in the name of OLD4YOU.COM SRL, indicating the purpose of the payment: “REGISTRATION FOR THE 4th BRESCIA-NAPLES - FIRST AND LAST NAME OF THE PARTICIPANTS”

The first 10 teams to register will be accepted.
Single and individual registrations.
• registration of the individuals interested in participating in the event must be sent no later than Sunday, 8th September 2019.
Registration for the event must be performed only by filling out the dedicated form on the website and performing the bank transfer for the registration fee (EUR 250.00 per participant) to the bank account indicated on the registration form and in the name of OLD4YOU.COM SRL, indicating the purpose of the payment: “REGISTRATION FOR THE 4th BRESCIA-NAPLES - FIRST AND LAST NAME OF THE PARTICIPANT”

Individuals who wish to participate in the event can also register individually. In this case, it will be the responsibility of the Organization and within the limits of these regulations, to group a single participant with other participants and/or with a team. If this is not possible (for example because the maximum number of 40 participants has been reached) the interested party will be informed as soon as possible.

It is understood that in any case, the individual registered and grouped with other participants to form a team must participate in the event with full respect for the conditions imposed and the regulations of the team trip, and therefore must travel with and work with the other participants on any repairs, stop together, transit in the check points together, etc.


Withdrawal of the participant: the withdrawal of the participant does not give the right to reimbursement of the fees paid unless he/she is replaced by another participant. Transfer of registration: participants who cannot participate in the event may transfer their registration to a third party who meets all of the conditions and requirements outlined in the regulations. This situation must be immediately communicated to the Organization and all information must be sent to the secretariat.


In the event of force majeure or other similar occurrences, the organization shall not be obliged to fulfil or executing the services that can no longer be carried out. Force majeure is understood to be strikes, suspension due to adverse weather conditions, war, civil or military disorder, riots, natural disasters, raids, or terrorist acts. These events, and other similar ones, cannot be ascribed to the Organization. In similar cases, no reimbursement, compensation or repairs shall be due by the Organization to the participant and/or to the team for the amounts already paid.


The route shall be open to normal road traffic. Therefore, all participants must strictly adhere to the regulations of the Highway Code. All motorcycles must comply with the regulations of the Highway Code and participants must possess the due requirements to drive. Any violations seen or reported will be punished, at the indisputable judgement of the organization, with the exclusion from the event. During the entire event, the riders must have a conscientious, prudent conduct when driving, scrupulously respecting the Highway Code and the Ethical Code if present.


The “GPS Tracker” equipment, if supplied by the organization, must be returned at the final arrival Time Control/Passage Control (CO/CT) point or at the end of the leg. The device will be delivered/preinstalled during the registration check by selected technicians, and information for their correct use will be provided. It is mandatory to return the device. If the device is not returned, the participant will be billed EUR 500.00.
If a participant withdraws during the event, the device can be returned to the responsible staff following the event.


The detailed program with indications of starting locations, intermediate passages and arrival times will be communicated and published on the website by Wednesday, 25th September 2019 unless the Organization decides to inform the participants prior to the above-mentioned date.



Upon registration, all participants implicitly prove that they are fully aware of these regulations which will govern the event in all parts and undertake to comply with them. By the very fact of registering for the event, the participants relieve the Jury, the Organizational Committee, and the Sponsors, with no exceptions, from any responsibility for damages or incidents that should derive to them or third parties, for damages to third party property due to the event or their participation in the event, including arrival at the starting point in Brescia and/or return from Naples or other location along the route.
By participating, the participants renounce any recourse against the Organization.
By the very fact of registering for the event, each participant declares for himself and for the persons on the support and accompanying vehicles, to consider relieved OLD4YOU.COM s.r.l. and all the persons in the organization, from any liability for any damage occurred to the participant, or property, or produced or caused to third parties or property by the participant.
Civil Responsibility and Release of Liability:
In compliance with the provisions of art. 124 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 209 of 2005 (Code for Private Insurance), the Organizer has taken out civil liability insurance, necessary for the organisation of events.
This insurance covers the responsibility of the Organization and other duty-bound parties for damages to people, animals or property.

Therefore, each participant accepts to hold harmless the Organization and all staff involved in the organization, for any reason involved in the event, from any and all responsibility for any damages to the participant himself, its riders, navigators, employees, contracted parties or property, or produced or caused to third parties or things by the participant.
Similarly, the participant relieves the Organization of any responsibility in the event of theft and/or fire and/or any other damage to which the vehicle may be subject during the entire duration of the event.


The personal information of the participants will be treated by OLD4YOU.COM S.r.l. in full respect for Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 as modified and amended (Code regarding the Protection of Personal Information). OLD4YOU.COM or the company that they have contracted may use the aforementioned information to send (by mail, telephone, or by computer) information material regarding its activities or advertising only regarding its activities and the activities of the sponsor companies and/or partners related to the event.

The owner of the personal information can exert, at any time, the right to request access to, deletion, modification, or update of their own personal information, according to the methods indicated in Art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003. To this end, the interested party can send a request to the Organization by registered letter, by fax, or by registered email, sent to OLD4YOU.


Upon registration, each participant AUTHORISES the Event Organization to USE their image. Therefore, the Organization can use and divulge said images both for creating video/DVD and for reportage and journalist articles. To this end, the organisation can mandate and AUTHORIZE industry professionals to perform video/photography sessions.

Marks and distinctive signs. Property rights and Copyright:
The participant cannot claim any right on registered trademarks (name and design) nor can he claim any authorization to use them. All information, graphics, photographs, texts, videos, and audio clips are the property of the Organization unless otherwise indicated.

Website Content:
The website can include information from third parties or hypertext connections/links to third party websites. The Organization accepts no responsibility for the information, products or services contained in the websites or in the specific Facebook pages related to the event which can be accessed via a hypertext connection/link from the website

Image rights: waiver and release of liability
The participant authorizes the Organization and/or persons contracted by them to take, within the overall context of the event, photographs, audio-visual footage of his/her person, and of his/her vehicle. Each participant cedes and transfers to the Organization, free of charge and in an unlimited manner, the rights to use the photographs and/or audio-visual footage that OLD4YOU.COM S.R.L. and its appointed parties will make within the context of the event.
The Organization is entitled to keep, commercially exploit, or transfer to third parties, for an unlimited period of time, the photographs and/or audio-visual footage, as well as publicize them, even reissuing them at its discretion using editorial products of any kind and nature, on paper and/or digital. Each participant releases OLD4YOU.COM SRL from any claim by third parties with regard to the photographs and/or audio-visual footage mentioned above.


Any and all cases not specifically indicated in these regulations and/or related to participation in the event will be at the undisputable judgment of the personnel appointed by the Organization, that will decide in final manner on each and every complaint and objection that may arise regarding the interpretation and application of these regulations.

These regulations may be subject to updates that may be communicated during the preliminary operations. Likewise, the route, starting and finishing points for legs, and the relevant passage and time controls (C.T./C.O.) may be subject to changes that will be immediately communicated to the participants. Informative and/or supplementary communications: OLD4YOU reserves the right to communicate to all registered parties, in the manner it deems most appropriate, any changes or additions to these general provisions or programs, as well as information or clarifications for their better interpretation.


For information, it is possible to:
• contact the Organization by telephone: +39 0307287000
• write to
• go to the website

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